Continuing Education


Wealth and Money Management Certificate


The universe of Private Wealth & Trading Management has always been a closely held secret (remains mostly out of bounds) of Professional Traders and Money Managers. Our objective is to teach the principles, methods and inner workings of the yet unexplored and fascinating world of Buy-Side and Private Money Management.

Our goal is to let the attendees apply firsthand the taught material to their trading, thus getting the required positive returns and feedback in real-time. No other program offers such a degree of experiential direct learning and application.  This program structure is designed to have major impact, industry shaping, seminal and decisive.

Program will be saving crucial time and money for the participants. Our solutions are to render the market issues clearer and for immediate action. In the words of Goethe, “To think is easy. To act is difficult. To act as one thinks is the most difficult of all.” “If it wasn’t for Action, the World would still be an idea”.

This unique project offers the exceptional opportunity to encompass and sum simultaneously the duties of Trader, Risk Manager and possibly Investment/Market Strategist. Thus becoming a proficient/all-round Money Manager. Becoming a successful Trader involves and includes the full understanding, nay the complete immersion in the 4 critical components that make our trading workshop:

35% Risk Management, 35% Discipline/Trader’s Mindset, 15% Trading themes/techniques and 15% Knowledge of Financial Market Assets.



Our goal is to amalgamate and combine all the courses at hand as well as the skills/knowledge gained into a fully adaptable/optimized trading methodology/set-up that will lead to a consistent and successful trading career.

Target Audience

The program provides valuable insights to Finance professionals, senior bank managers/brokers and high net worth individual investors who want to manage their own investments or work more knowledgeably with professional managers.