Continuing Education


Certified Financial Technician Certificate


The concept of Technical Analysis is based on analyzing the shapes and formats of charts (investor behavior) in order to forecast the future movements of the financial instruments based on the historical prices and movements of these instruments in addition to the volume and the crowd sentiment.

The proposed course is a new one that is not available in most universities despite the subject’s extreme importance and usage in the world of financial markets, and the significant attention that it is attracting from new and existing finance students, financial traders and investors.


This course will focus on the practical application of technical analysis which comes from my daily personal experience of over 8 years in the financial market (To explain how to proceed on the analysis of several Live Charts, applying different methods for these studies, and how to come-up with Conclusions & Forecasts).


This course aims to provide the necessary practical tools needed for candidates to make informed financial decisions. The attendee will learn a variety of techniques for charting the market and acquire the secrets of making accurate predictions about the market performance (equities, currencies, commodities).

At the end of the course attendees are expected to have a good understanding of, and useful knowledge in, the major TA techniques, together with a wide range of timing and analytical tools and indicators.

Target Audience

This course is considered as a preparation course for the candidates who would like to sit for IFTA (International Federation of Technical Analysts) exams (CFTe I and II) and get an internationally- recognized Diploma from the United States. 

Passing the CFTe I and CFTe II culminates in the award of an international professional qualification in technical analysis.