Continuing Education

Healthcare, Nutrition and Fitness

Tactical Self-Defense/ Family Safety Workshop


The Introduction to Tactical Self Defense Course provides participants with essential knowledge about self-defense. It equips participants with strategies pertaining to situational awareness, escape, evasion, active resistance, and the use of force to ensure safety. The course also includes weapon disarms.


The course covers various topics, which include threat identification, situational street awareness, escape and evasion tactics, defense against multiple assailants, physical balance and mental focus, non-lethal weapons, ground fighting, principles of self-defense, safe empty hand striking, defense against holds, chokes, grabs, and locks, among others, predator fears, vulnerable vital pressure points of the human body, extents of exposure and vulnerability, weapon disarms, different types of terrain, psychology of criminal intent and realistic self-defense, and the warrior spirit with a combat mindset.